Policy and Strategy

Our policy is to provide a completely transparent, pro-active, responsive and effective management by ensuring that all of our blocks are visited on a daily basis. As a result, all issues that arise are dealt with in an expeditious and cost effective manner. We believe in setting clear lines of responsibility and communication, and adapt our services to meet our clients’ individual requirements.

Our ethos is that blocks under our management contain flats and not units and we realise that we are dealing with peoples’ homes, making it important to build relationships through a hands on personal approach. We believe this facilitates a successful, well run block.

Our mantra is to save costs/eradicate waste to provide the highest level of pastoral care for all tenants whilst maintaining acute financial controls of expenditure. If appointed we carry out full supplier/service provider reviews, to ensure that all contracts represent good value.

We believe in telling our clients what is going on. Everything we do will be pre-authorised with comprehensive monthly information packs presented to our clients in good time for review. We are happy to with our clients to further communicate information to Leaseholders so they are comfortable that their service charges are being spent and their living environment maintained at the level they expect and to enhance capital values of their properties.

Changing Managing Agents is much easier than the industry would have you believe. Once you have agreed to proceed with us, supply us with your current agents’ contact details and we take it all from there.

Regulated by RICS